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- by Carolyn Lewry



Welcome and thank you for visiting our page. My name is Carolyn and So-Sy is my home, my place on Earth.

Here I work with astrology and run sessions with my clients, also I have the space to write and work on ongoing projects. We also grow our organic fruits, veggies and herbs, that we use in our daily life and in our products.

So-Sy is always changing and growing, as it is the garden. In this moment it’s enjoying the winter rest and we have more time to focus on the Subconscious Whispers cards and the workshops, which will start soon.

So-Sy  is a place for rest, for exploration, for healing and growth. It’s worth a closer look if you are willing to experience relaxation and growth on a deeper level.

Feel free to contact us with any question at [email protected].

Wish you well on your journey,



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  • "Carolyn Lewry Who lives so purely. Her energy flows so freely. She comes from a place of peace and tranquillity. Her soul travels in such a beautiful place. She presents ..."
    Melissa, Perth, WA
  • "Carol, she has given me her guidance for the past 8 months. She have helped me to see habits that I have repeated for many lives and that have been blocking me from expressing m..."
    Emmy, Sweden

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